Z8 conference line-up

Social Club Misfits

Social Club Misfits

While some are content with moving wherever the current leads, Social Club has embraced their calling as leaders of a more intentional school of thought

Stunt Rider

Stunt Dudes

“Backflips on BMX bikes and big air on skateboards is the name of the game!  With performance experience in over 50 countries, we are ready to ride… and our athletes have a life changing message to share”

Vertical Worship

vertical worship

Based in Chicago, Vertical Worship is a collective of worship leaders & songwriters spanning multiple campuses at Harvest Bible Chapel. Their songs include the powerful song and radio hit “Yes I Will,” as well as popular worship songs “Open Up the Heavens,” “Spirit of the Living God,” and “Exalted Over All.” Their latest release is “Grace Is On Our Side” which features the songs “Faithful Now” and “Over and Over” among others. Vertical Worship aims to serve the global church with worship songs, worship leader training and encourage believers everywhere to hold on to hope just as the lyric of “Faithful Now” proclaims ‘You were faithful then, You’ll be faithful now.’

Leanna Crawford

Leanna crawford

“I tend to overcomplicate Jesus and His love for me,” Leanna shares. “But God’s love is simple. He’s for me and He loves me.” Leaning on her open-hearted faith and accessible realness, her songs tell the story of Jesus’s faithfulness in every season of her life. With each song, Leanna hopes that people can experience the love of God and know His heart – there is no such thing as too far gone with God.



Coastland is an American pop rock band based in Nashville TN. As “Musicianaries” they combine the passion for missions and live music.
From rural concerts in the villages of the Amazon, to venues across the USA, Coastland brings a high energy celebration in God’s presence that bridges the gap and inspires others to do the same.
“Music is one of our favorite ways to connect with the world.It’s also one of our favorite ways to see the world connect with Jesus.”

Z8 Worship



event speakers

Josh Brewer

Josh is an Evangelist and CEO of LifeLight. Josh also has a passion to see the nations transformed by the saving knowledge of Christ. He knows that worshipping God is not simply about church, but about going out into the streets and rescuing those that have never heard of Jesus, whether that is in America or in other nations.

Jacob Coyne

Jacob Coyne

Jacob Coyne is a preacher, Christian content creator, and founder of Stay Here, a mental health organization that raises awareness through bold and encouraging messaging, training and equipping others to save lives from suicide, and heal the broken-hearted. Jacob, his wife, Mariah, and their three daughters live in east Tennessee.

Jon Setzer

Jon Setzer

Jon Setzer is a relational architect and next Gen influencer. Jon’s message is a vibrant display of God’s heart for the lost. His messages have impact on the life of people of all ages, socioeconomic classes, and ethnic backgrounds. Jon has a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management and is currently pursuing a degree from Globe University to become an ordained minister. He is a charismatic communicator with a versatile gift of speaking light into the dark places.

Vic Murphy

Vic Murphy is a professional BMX rider and evangelist. Vic’s founding involvement in the extreme-sports culture has given him a unique platform to share God’s love with young people. Vic travels the world as a speaker and athlete with the Luis Palau Association and other evangelism and mission’s organizations. Vic has a genuine commitment to see young people give their whole lives to Jesus. In 2006 Vic formed Action Sports Outreach, a nonprofit ministry of Christian extreme sports athletes committed to impacting the world with the message of Christ.

Dax Briden

Dax Briden

Dax Briden, originally from Ogden, Utah is now a youth speaker and Z8 coordinator at LifeLight in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Dax gave his life to the Lord at age 15 while attending the LifeLight youth center. His message of dealing with temptation, anxiety, and fear of the Lord has impacted teens from all over the country. His goal is to make Jesus famous in his generation through his testimonies and experiences through Christ.

Jamie Schmidt

"Musicianary and minister, Jamie Schmidt is the front man for Pop/Rock band Coastland and Founder of Creative World Missions. CWM utilizes creative arts to share the gospel, care for orphans, and combat human trafficking. Jamie has a laser-lit focus to share the life-changing redeeming gospel of Jesus Christ, and champion people into God’s great adventure including a life outside comfort zones, driven for ministry to the margins, and saturated in the great commission. “

Gathering to
change Culture

 In every city we have seen prayer tents filled and lives changed after the alter call was given. We are praising God for so many changed lives!

If music is the universal language, then it makes sense that LifeLight would use this tool to reach people’s hearts as we proclaim Jesus’ name. From the very beginning, the heart of LifeLight has been to reach people with the truth and revelation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Changing course from the annual large festival, LifeLight now holds smaller, one-day festivals, both in the United States and internationally. Our regional festivals bring music, speakers, and action sports into local communities, sharing the love of Christ and hosting a positive, safe atmosphere for youth & families.

It is a recurring theme to hear back from each city that the people attending our festivals are people who would chronically avoid church. After coming to the festival, they are now seen plugging into the local Church!

Sioux Falls Arena


1201 N West Ave, Sioux Falls, SD 57104

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