Mission & Vision


Why Unite

  • 8 second filter; A filter that searches for the melody of truth and love; 8seconds to introduce them to the love of Jesus Christ.
  • Research believes that Generation Z has an 8 second attention span
  • An Evangelistic, discipleship and mentoring movement, unifying the youth to move in one direction to make Jesus known.
  • A movement to equip Generation Z to reach their own generation through a variety of platforms: concerts, tours, festivals, devotions and mentoring through social media.
  • Mission to reach Generation Z for Jesus while¬† empowering world changers all around the world to do the same

Spreading the word
making jesus famous

event speakers

Josh Brewer


Nick Hall


Andy Byrd

the best venue

Z8 Festival

1201 Northwest Ave Sioux Falls SD 57104

event info

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